How to bring positive energy home

How to bring positive energy home

19 September 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

10 ways to bring the good energy flows in your home.

Our house behaves like a sponge that absorbs both good, positive and negative energies, and its favorite storage spaces are the corners of the house, but also decorative objects and furniture.

Here’s what you can do for a home that breathes freely and emits only positive energy!


1. Rely on minimalism

The basic word in Feng Shui is organization and refers especially to the release of space from unnecessary objects, which do not let the energy, the vital flow to circulate optimally. If you constantly hit various objects around the house, it means that you have too many and you have to reorganize them or get rid of them. Crowding of furniture and decorations lowers the level of positive energy, so do everything you can to leave the spaces as airy as possible!


2. Watch out for the hallway

The hallway plays an important role, because it is the space through which energy enters your home. Do not overload the lobby with objects that you do not use and keep the entrance space clean and tidy.


3. Discard the dried flowers

Plants in bloom absorb negative energy. On the other hand, dried flowers affect the circulation of positive energy called Chi, which brings a state of well-being, maintains the health and harmony of all who live in the house.


4. Bring Palo Santo home

Burnt, Palo Santo wood emits a pleasant fragrant smoke of pine, mint and lemon that alleviates colds, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation and negative emotional states.


5. Burn incense or sage leaves

Spiritual cleansing is done to remove negative energies or unwanted spirits from your home. Cleaning with white sage or incense is effective when you are very upset, depressed, resentful and insomniac. You can say prayers, mantras or statements such as: "I am grateful for all the love, harmony and healthy energy that floods my house from now on."


6. Install a decorative fountain

The most used symbol by the Chinese in the art of Feng Shui is that of decorative fountains. They retain the humidity of the room and are a conductor of positive energy. It is ideal to place them in the living room or bedroom, next to a window.


7. Flood the house with natural light

A house where sunlight enters unhindered increases the level of productivity, regulates the circadian rhythm, more precisely the sleep cycle and alertness; thus, you can enjoy a good sleep and feel more rested.


8. Light scented candles

Light scented candles in the living room or in the room where you spend time with your family. Candles are said to burn the negative energy of the house and dispel worries.


9. Cleanse the evil energies with sea salt

The bad energies gather in the corners of the rooms, respectively in the less used areas, and the sea salt cleanses the space of low vibrations. Put salt in four bowls and place them in the corners of the room for a week, then toss the content.


10. Use crystals and essential oils

Negative energies are annihilated and become neutral if you use essential oils with strong vibrations: incense, sandalwood, sage, basil. The smoky quartz crystal, transparent quartz or an amethyst geode purifies the home.


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