The Secret of the Sensory Gardens

Open your mind to the secret of the sensory gardens, unforgettable natural niches that capture the timeless sensation of spring and elevate your mood on every occasion.


SABON is happy to present its new limited edition - the Secret of the Sensory Gardens, with two wonderful fragrances. The only thing you have to do is choose – which is your fragrance, which is your garden? The relaxing sensation of “GREEN BREEZE” or the stimulating sensation of ‘SUNNY LUSH”?


GREEN BREEZE – Relaxing Sensation

Limited Edition: Floral & Green

Amid the quiet atmosphere and gentle breeze here, you appreciate the subtle accords of crisp grass and rose bush leaves adding tender fragrances to this calm setting. The floral green fragrance is accented by fresh aquatic notes of dewy ivy leaves and white wood, giving the sense of freedom that comes from being on your own personal island. This is the perfect place to clear your mind and gain a renewed, refreshed perspective.


3 main essences:

Crisp Grass – Rosebush Leaves – Ivy Leaves


SUNNY LUSH – Stimulating Sensation

Limited Edition: Floral & Cologne

Gently tickling the nose, a fresh burst of bergamot unveils the first notes of a classic Eau de Cologne. This signature scent arises from a vibrant field of lavender and neroli, illuminated by the morning dew. Sparkling and elegant, the fragrance bridges authenticity and modernity, revealing the juicy brightness of citrus fruits and giving you a pure moment of bliss.


3 main essences:

Bergamot – Neroli – Lavender