Morning meditation


23 May 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

Morning meditation to boost your energy levels


How we approach the first few minutes after opening our eyes can dictate how the whole day goes. So instead of pressing Snooze for another nap, how about a little meditation?


Those five minutes in the morning could make the difference between a day when we benefit from a pillow face and nothing suits us and a day when we have energy, inspiration and a greater power of concentration.


You have a multitude of meditations with which you can start your day. If you are a religious person, you can invoke your guardian angel to whom you can express your wishes for that day and ask for support. Or you can invoke the presence of an archangel to cleanse your negative thoughts, fears and problems that are grinding you at that moment and to offer you protection all day long.


You speak to these beings of light as your best friends, in whom you know for sure that you can trust for help. You don’t have to use big words, just the language between you and your best friend.


A very effective type of meditation is that of positive affirmations or gratitude. For five minutes, from the moment you open your eyes, instead of checking your phone, you thank yourself for all the things in your life, no matter how trivial they may seem to you. Even for the soft pillow you put your head on, for the coffee waiting for you, for the hot shower, for the beautiful clothes or for having a job you love.


Or they can be statements of gratitude for health and here you list all the parts of your body and their functions: eyes, sight, ears, hearing, smell, hands, feet, liver, heart, lung, etc.


Inhale joy, exhale tension


Take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale. Inhale again and feel the warm energy, like a bright golden light, flooding your body from head to toe. Visualize this strong light in every cell of your body.


With each exhalation, imagine how you eliminate all fears, anxieties, problems and physical or mental pains. Exhausted air is, in fact, the tension you get rid of. With each inspiration, inner peace is installed and your face is enveloped in light, and each expiration frees you from all negative thoughts.


You feel your heart beating hard, with emotion, for the beauty you see around you. You feel your lungs full of oxygen, you feel light, relaxed and nothing will rob you of this condition. You know for sure that every problem has a solution! You open your eyes and say to yourself: "I will have a wonderful day when everything will go perfectly for me, I will be inspired, brave and I will make the best decisions!".


Morning meditation