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31 October 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Studies show that a person checks their phone, on average, 58 times a day, and the pandemic of the last two years has kept us in front of our screens even more.

Isolation has made us addicted to tv series, social networks and online games, and the time spent on the Internet globally has more than doubled, varying between 50-70%.

Addiction to social media is on the rise, and experts are sounding the alarm about increased mental health problems and loss of interest in creative pursuits.

Getting likes and shares on social media gives the brain’s reward system the same dopamine boost.


Social media is no substitute for real-life social interactions

So many relationships have been affected by this online isolation. What can we do? Having a coffee with a friend, face to face, instead of an hour-long chat.

Taking a break from social media could help improve sleep quality by reducing anxiety levels, as phone/laptop addiction has been shown to be linked to insomnia and even depression.

So, read a book, take a walk in the park, do outdoor sports, go out with a friend to the mall or to grab meal, go to bed early without checking your Instagram account, get a pet, go to the gym, sign up for a cooking or dance class. Any kind of activity that can keep you away from your phone screen is welcome!


A good idea may be to turn off notifications

The more you check your phone, the more habitual it becomes and the more likely you are to become addicted to your phone.

Get out of Whatsapp groups and earn a few tens of minutes a day. That way, you’re not bombarded with messages throughout the day.

Create a new habit of leaving your device charging in another room. You’ll fall asleep earlier than usual, and you won’t even start your day checking dozens of notifications.

Many times you use your phone too much in your free time and end up having no time for other activities, family. Try to get rid of apps and other entertainment you had on your phone and use it only for calls and SMS messages for 30 days.


How to manage your time