Advent Calender Deluxe 2021
Limited Edition
Advent Calender Deluxe 2021Advent Calender Deluxe 2021Advent Calender Deluxe 2021
Advent Calender Deluxe 2021 - 24 pcs.

Sabon Advent Calender 2021

95.00 24 pcs.
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  • We invite you to welcome the holidays and start your countdown with SABON΄s Advent Calendar -
    24 exciting gifts of beauty.
    Behind each door, hides a pampering skincare, bath or body treat, awaiting to be discovered.
    The perfect gift for your loved ones, an indulgent treat for yourself.

    The set contains:
    1. Shower Oil 50 ml. Pachulí, Lavanda y Vainilla.
    2. EAU de Sabon, 8 ml. Green Rose.
    3. Hand Cream Tube, 30 ml. Delicate Jasmine
    4. Silky Body Milk, 30 ml. White Tea
    5. Perfumed solid soap, 25 g. Aroma de Green Rose.
    6. Hair Shampoo, 50 ml. Green Rose.
    7. Hand Cream tube, 10 ml. Aroma de Green Rose.
    8. 2 in 1 Cleansing & Face Polisher Lavender
    9. Hand Cream tube, 10 ml. Aroma de White Tea
    10. Hand Cream tube 30 ml. Pachuli Lavanda Vainilla
    11. Shower Oil 50 ml. Delicate Jasmine.
    12. Dead Sea Mud Mask 3 in 1 30ml
    13. Perfumed solid soap, 25 g. Delicate Jasmine
    14. Foot Cream 30ml
    15. Low Shampoo 30ml Green Rose
    16. Body Scrub Jar 80gr Citrus Blossom
    17. EAU de Sabon, 8ml, Pachuli Lavanda Vainilla
    18. Body Scrub Jar 80gr Pachuli Lavanda Vainilla
    19. 2 in 1 Cleansing & Face Polisher Mint
    20. Cleansing Oil & Make up Remover - Sample
    21. Shower Oil 50 ml. Green Rose.
    22. Repair Body Cream Green Rose Sample 15ml
    23. Body Lotion Delicate Jasmine 30ml
    24. Refreshing Wipes Green Rose
  • Sabon Advent Calender 2021. 24 mini size best Sabon products especially selected for you.
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