Starlight Bouquet

Starlight Bouquet

Let Your Gifts Sparkle


On a magical holiday evening, when the stars come out and the moon shines down on a sparkling landscape that is both strange and familiar, enchanting holiday charms transport us to a mysterious fairy realm that can only be seen by moonlight...

During this magical holiday night, a blooming floral celebration fills the forest with bewitching fragrances and luminous colors while the world sleeps. These are the unique flowers that wait until nightfall to reveal their true beauty under the light of the stars.

SABON’s new holiday collection gives you an exclusive invitation to this enchanting evening, when everything becomes possible. Amid these holiday festivities, fireflies guide you along secret fairy paths until the darkness gives way to unforgettable sights, captivating romantic bouquets, and the simple joy of discovering pure magic at the heart of nature.

This is an enchanting starlight experience, filled with the charming surprises and mystical wonders only found at SABON. Now you can discover the holiday magic at any moment with the help of a sensational starlight fragrance and delectable textures that transform daily care rituals into thrilling, unforgettable adventures.

These natural wonders will never stop shining...