Sakura Bloom Nueva Colección

New Limited Edition


It’s a wonderful time of renewal and optimism. As the wind blows through the cherry trees, surprising pops of pink appear on the branches and our everyday world transforms into a euphoric fantasy landscape. Spring has begun.


The cherry blossom, or Sakura, is the national flower of Japan, and the springtime bloom of these delicate pink flowers is always a miraculous sight to behold. Their sudden appearance marks the end of winter, banishing the darkness and ushering in warmer days filled with joy and color.


Pale pink Sakura petals are integral to Japanese culture and have inspired countless paintings, films, and poems with their ephemeral beauty. After only two weeks, the blossoms drop to the ground, falling like snow with the ebb and flow of the winds. Yet they are celebrated year-round as a cultural icon worldwide and especially in Japan, where they are seen as an enduring, iconic expression of optimism, joyful moments, and renewal.


We have captured the essence of cherry blossom’s ephemeral beauty with our new limited edition SAKURA BLOOM fragrance and design.



“SAKURA BLOOM” - The story behind the fragrance


Floral & Green

A cherry blossom composition enhanced by a unique green facet to provide elegance and modernity.


This fragrance takes on a magical, multisensory journey under the blooming trees, along a path carpeted by the iconic national symbol of Japan: the cherry blossom, or Sakura. A gentle breeze welcomes us with divine vegetal notes that fill the air with a unique sense of freshness and renewal.


The Unexpected Touch: Using an advanced technique, we have captured the pure essence of these delicate blossoms and sublimated it into a floral universe supported by a trail of rare orris.