Peony Fig New Collection

The moment a Flower meets a Fruit


Wandering in the middle of a luxuriant Mediterranean garden between flowers and fruit trees,

you just stopped in front of a majestic Fig Tree.

You are captivated by the fragrance around it, from its bark reminiscent to Sandalwood’s deepness to its vegetal sap’s milky inflexions.

You suddenly feel this desire to try one of its fruits that look so delicious… After grabbing one of them, you realize you never enjoyed such a taste through its crunchy skin and its exquisite pulp, a memory you will not forget that easily.

But slowly, you start to notice the subtle perfume of Peony. It calms you, soothes your mind.

Thus, you let yourself be wrapped in this soft and delicate trail where all those notes get blended so perfectly. Sitting down under this Fig Tree, you finally realize the richness of this Nature under a summer sun.

It was a perfect sunny day in the Mediterranean.