Wonders of Jasmine New Collection

SABON invites you to step into our enchanted garden and enjoy the new limited-edition Wonders of Jasmine collection for body and soul. Eternally enigmatic, the iconic jasmine flower adds a sense of mystery to the world around us, interweaving comfort and classic beauty with sublime elegance.

Peel back its pristine petals to reveal the captivating, surprising, and exquisitely intense fragrance of Jasmine Absolute, as it wafts dreamily through forests and fields. Known as the “King of Essences”, Jasmine Absolute is so rare that it takes some 2,000kg of jasmine petals to produce just 1kg of oil.

This forms the heart of the exclusive and alluring Wonders of Jasmine fragrance.

All Wonders of Jasmine care products are also infused with 100% botanical jasmine water, creating a delightful refreshing, softening effect. Open the garden gates to discover it for yourself.