Beauty Tea Ceremony

Open your senses to the timeless, treasured ritual of the tea ceremony, embraced by all those who love to both serve and receive, sharing joyful moments of hospitality and togetherness while celebrating the beautiful bounties of the natural world.


From the simple to the ornate, every culture has developed its own beautiful approach to the classic tea ceremony. Bringing together people everywhere in little moments of joy, this celebration of fine flavors and fragrances has become the starting point for so many journeys of inspiration, whether setting out to explore new frontiers, or simply enjoying the love and warmth of home.


Inspired by these tea traditions, SABON invites you to participate in a unique Beauty Tea Ceremony – an eclectic, vibrant tribute to tea’s diverse fragrances, and the way these magnificent flavors can awaken our senses to multisensory beauty rituals that enchant our daily lives.


SABON’s new Beauty Tea Ceremony ritual features three fascinating fragrances designed to unveil the wonders of the everyday: the soft floral notes of Rose Tea taking us on a romantic voyage, the fresh scent of White Tea setting us at ease with true serenity, and the surprising charms of the new Mimosa Tea ushering brightness and sunshine into every corner of our hearts.


Now is the time to define your own special Beauty Tea ceremony, inspire yourself to live a healthier life, and discover a new wellbeing experience in the most indulgent beauty rituals.


New Mimosa Tea

Limited Edition: Floral & Fresh


The perfumer created this fragrance to present a sensorial blend where the mimosa, offering a glimpse of spring, meets delicate tea leaves, for a heart-warming mimosa tea infusion that gives the skin an infinite sensation of softness. 

This enlightening scent reveals itself through a floral powdery composition with the sunny scent of mimosa, built around a trail of bergamot tea notes and contrasted by a fresh unexpected cardamom, bringing light to the fragrance. Comforting, bewitching vanilla and musky notes provide a warming and sensuous signature.

Love at first sight, giving body and soul a true inner light sensation.

3 main essences:

Tea Leaves – Mimosa – Musk