Christmas Gifts

To go out into nature. To allow ourselves to get lost in space,

To walk along endless paths, among evergreen forests, and carpets of flowers.

To connect to Mother Earth, to feel the velvety soil caress one’s bare foot and to smile back at the flowers decorating this magical place - all reminding us that Nature is endless.


This Christmas, we at SABON invite you to embark on a journey to the wonders of Nature.

To stop for a moment, to enjoy the aromas of flora and to breathe in the beauty of Creation.

To allow Nature’s beauty to flow into you…


We are proud to present our holiday collection,
created and designed with inspiration from a trip around Nature.

We drew inspiration from the abundance, the ingredients and textures that Nature in all its glory has to offer.

A combination of wild plants and flowers with authentic elements that together create a special, rich picture, and that express Nature’s royal crown.


The collection includes a range of SABON’s best sellers, with a limited edition luxurious design and unique fragrance - Woody Patchouli.  A deep, woody, and prestige fragrance.

The collection brings spectacular gift boxes mixing velvet embroidery
and golden decorations as elegant, regal jewelry boxes