Lip Beauty Oil
Lip Beauty OilLip Beauty OilLip Beauty OilLip Beauty OilLip Beauty OilLip Beauty Oil

Lip Oil uty Oil - 10 ml

19.00 10 ml
Fit to travel along with you
Thanks to its small size, you could easily take this product along in your business trips, vacations or other journeys.
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  • Illuminate your lips’ natural beauty with the latest lip care innovation. Soothing and moisturizing, without the typical tacky gloss texture, this is a vegan botanical serum formulated exclusively for your lips, combining the hydrating antioxidant properties of pomegranate seed oil with a gorgeous transparent sheen.

    All it takes is a single drop of this concentrated replenishing serum – place the applicator against your bottom lip, then spread to the edges and press lips together for a dazzling finish.

    “Orange Mandarin” for a radiant nectarine shade.
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