Face Polisher 2 in 1 Matcha Tea
Limited Edition
Face Polisher 2 in 1 Matcha TeaFace Polisher 2 in 1 Matcha TeaFace Polisher 2 in 1 Matcha Tea

Face Polisher 2 in 1 Matcha Tea - 200 ml

35.00 200 ml
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  • Cleansing is the key to healthy skin and great looking complexion. By gently removing dead cells from your skin with the aid of natural JOJOBA grains, your skin will be more than just clean, it will be stimulated and purified, causing a glowing and fresh complexion.
    The new Face polisher formula is areinforced with Matcha Tea, a strong antioxidant natural ingredient, and a metabolism booster.
    Our 2 in 1 FACE POLISHER is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and Rose of Jericho to protect and preserve its natural balance .


    1. 2 in 1 benefits : Cleanse and polish to remove dead cells & clear pores
    2. Creamy non-drying formula
    3. Vegan - 90 % natural origin – Silicon, mineral oils and paraben free
    4. Jojoba polishing grains from natural origin don’t contain any micro-plastics that damage rivers and oceans
    5. Infused with Lavender or Mint essential oils for an immediate sensation of relaxation or energy
    6. Soft gentle polisher - Can be used daily

  • Depending on your Skin type:
    - Oily skin: Twice a day - morning and evening to reveal a pure and clear complexion
    - Combination to Normal skin: Daily use (morning- energizing; or evening- relaxing) alternate with rich face soap.
    - Dry skin: Two to three times a week (Morning -energizing or evening-relaxing ) alternating with face soap
    - Very dry skin / fragile or sensitive skin: Once to twice a week ( morning- energizing or evening-relaxing ) alternating with rich face soap.

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