Floral Mask Gelée
Floral Mask GeléeFloral Mask GeléeFloral Mask Gelée

Floral Mask Gelée - 125 ml

45.00 125 ml
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  • When it comes to boosting hydration, the FLORAL MASK will be your skincare favorite and will provide your skin with a refreshing dose of moisture.
    Try the Rose experience: This mask is formulated with rose water and real rose petals, well known for their plumping effect to replenish the skin. Meanwhile, the Rose of Jericho delivers much-needed moisture to thirsty skin and helps brighten the skin. The perfect care to transform dull skin into petal soft perfection. You΄ll adore this!
    Its golden ultra fresh gel texture reveals real rose petals suspended to instantly cool the skin without leaving a greasy after-effect.
  • Rose of Jericho
    Rose of Jericho
    Resurrection plants have a unique ability to survive extreme drought.
    When deprived of water, the Rose of Jericho does not die, instead it enters a dormant state and can remain this way for many years. In order to protect its seeds, it retracts its roots and is carried across the desert sands by strong winds, until it finds a fresh source of water.
    After appearing dead for years, it will “awaken” from its dormant state, open and disperse its seeds. If there is enough water in the new location, the seeds will germinate within a few hours.
    MOISTURIZING EFFECT: A complex system of sugars contained within the heart of Rose of Jericho has the ability to retain moisture and increase cell metabolism causing it to spring back into life.
    Oligo and polysaccharides are sugars and therefore very hygroscopic molecules that capture surrounding water particles and bind them to the skin.
    Dead Sea Minerals
    Dead Sea Minerals
    The Dead Sea is the one of the most extraordinary miracles of nature. The Dead Sea is situated over 423 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on Earth’s surface.
    Dead Sea salts have the richest composition in natural minerals, possessing high concentrations of magnesium, potassium, calcium chlorides and bromides.
    These Dead Sea minerals cause nerve transmission, oxygen transfer, fluid balance, cell renewal and protein production. They are also essential for the metabolism of the skin. With age, the level of minerals in our bodies decrease.
    The human body does not produce all the minerals essential to our skin. These vital micro-nutrients can only be obtained from external sources.
    With over 21 minerals, Dead Sea water and salts are a unique source of health and beauty.
    Rose Water
    Rose Water
    Rose Water comes from ROSE DE MAI or ROSA CENTIFOLIA and was created in the 17th century. Also named the Provence rose, it is known for its pink, highly scented round “hundred-leaved” flowers with their numerous thin overlapping petals.
    The May Rose is used in luxurious fragrances as well as for skin care applications as a distillation of flowers.
    It protects, clarifies, and soothes the skin.
    1. Vegan formula – 80%natural origin
    2. For skin that needs to be quenched and re-plumped with moisture to reveal its dewy glow again
    3. + 39% immediate hydration.
    4. Rose water, Rose of Jericho and suspended real rose petals
    5. Paraben, silicon and mineral oil free

  • How to use Floral Mask Gelée

    Apply an even layer with the mask brush avoiding the eyes area. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.
    Provides a deep moisturizing and visible glowing effect. For us with all skin types, to be used once a week.

  • How do I maximize the cooling effect on my skin?
    Keep it in the fridge! for extra cooling application during the summer or whenever your skin needs to chill out.

    Is it good for all skin types?
    Floral Mask is perfect for any skin type which feels dehydrated.

    How often can I use this mask?
    Floral Mask can be used once or twice a week depending on your skin needs.

    Can I use it on my eye area?
    No, we recommend avoiding the eye area as the formula is highly concentrated in active ingredients.

    How do I apply it properly?
    Use our mask brush, specially designed for a professional application, avoiding the eye area.

    Does this mask replace my day cream?
    No, it is in addition to your day cream for a boost of hydration. 10 minutes is all that is needed for the active principles to penetrate the skin and provide an immediate replenishing effect.

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