Day Cream Anti Pollution

Day Cream Anti Pollution - 50 ml

31.00 50 ml
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  • When it comes to facial skin, external factors like pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing can damage the skin’s moisture barrier over time, causing loss of hydration and increased oil production. Our nourishing Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Facial Cream adds a layer of protection from harmful pollutants to your skin, with a delicate, easily-absorbed texture. The cream’s powerful ingredients fight the factors that cause premature skin aging. It also includes a blend of North Sea seaweed extracts and jojoba oil that soothes the skin, preventing redness and sensitivity.
    Suits the skin΄s natural PH level.
    Free from parabens, SLS and preservatives
  • Gently apply on clean skin and massage until absorption.

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