Royal Aroma Mysterious Water

Royal Aroma Mysterious Water - 250 ml

38.00 250 ml
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  • Inspired by the murmur of pure springs hidden in the shadow of lush ferns, Mysterious Water has the aura of citrus, the illusion of water lily flowers and the freshness of tropical rains, like a botanical garden caught between azure waters and blue sky.

    Special Edition Mysterious Water Room Fragrance in the form of a unique combination of essential oils of amber, vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa beans, which will evaporate into the room over several months, elegantly perfuming the surrounding area.
  • After opening the bottle, place the bamboo sticks into the essence. When the top of the sticks is dried (every few days), they must be reversed.

  • Do not place the aroma near sources of heat or air conditioning installations, this will lead to faster evaporation of the essence.

  • Aqua, Alcohol, Fragrance.

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