The Path to Pleasure


A Word from the Founders of SABON

"Every person has the right to take pleasure in the small things, to devote attention to themselves, to treat themselves as the most important people on earth. There are many ways in which we can love ourselves – through a relaxing bath, a perfumed scent around the house, or lit candles…"


The SABON brand was founded with the purpose of allowing people to experience precious moments of pleasure, regardless how they may choose to have them – a time of joy only for themselves, or shared with close and loved people. The lifestyle we bring for clients can make a change in everyday life. It's an invitation to stop for a moment, feel serenity, joy and revelation, to discover how easy it is to just enjoy the moment.


The little details make SABON the most beautiful gift we give to ourselves or to our loved ones. When a person receives a gift from SABON, they actually receive an invitation to hours of grace, listening to their body and enjoying it – a blessed break from the everyday race. When these moments become part of our daily or weekly ritual, we enrich our lives with something meaningful – attention to ourselves, our time, body and soul. Attention to our way of life.


Good luck from the bottom of our hearts,
Sigal Kotler-Levi
Avi Piatok

Founders & Owners of SABON