Antiageing hand care

Antiageing Hand Care Routine

24 February 2022 Estimated time: ~1 min.

For almost two years, we have been paying close attention to our hands. We wash them several times a day, we disinfect them with alcohol, but we sometimes forget that with the removal of bacteria we weaken the skin barrier of the skin. And that can mean premature aging of the skin and so sensitive hands.


The hydrolipid film is one of the components of the skin’s self-protection system, and it acts as a barrier that protects the skin from the aggression of external agents. It is affected by solar radiation, environmental factors such as high winds and low temperatures, but also frequent washing with soaps that severely degrease the skin or alcohol-based products.


And as a result, the skin of our hands can look dull, flaky, dry, itchy and red.


What can we do, though, to have clean and fine hands?

First of all, disinfect them with mild soaps and gentle gels that contain alcohol to destroy germs, but also contain moisturizing ingredients, including natural oils and vitamins C and E, which prevent dehydration.


When looking for hand care products, it is good to look for hyaluronic acid among the ingredients, because it has a strong moisturizing effect and improves collagen production. In addition, it is known for its anti-aging effects.


At the same time, ceramides are lipid molecules - they form a protective layer that stimulates the hydration level and promotes the repair of the skin barrier. Therefore, ceramide creams and lotions are great for restoring the smoothness of your hands!


Aloe Vera and vitamin E are also wonderful ingredients in a cream that protects the hands and leaves the skin smooth and velvety.


In winter, your hands need extra protection, so it would be appropriate to choose a hand butter, a creamy product with increased hydrating power and protection of dry skin.


Antiageing hand care