Facial ritual for a fresh&glowing comeback to the office

Facial ritual for a fresh&glowing comeback to the office

27 August 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

Facial ritual for a fresh&glowing comeback to the office


Whether you go to the office or your office is still at home, as many of us have been working since the beginning of the pandemic, it is important to maintain our skin care routine.


Regardless of the time we have available, even if we can’t afford to create perfect make-up, using everything we have in our beauty bag, it would be ideal to keep at least the essentials.


And that would mean:


1.     Skin cleansing. It is very important to remove sebum and dead cells from the surface of the skin, so that the pores do not suffocate and “reward” us with blackheads and pimples. So, using a washing gel, a cleansing foam, a face milk or a micellar water, cleanse the skin and thus prepare it for the next step!


2.     Moisturizing. The heat does not allow us to use greasy creams, because we risk reaching the office with the skin shining like butter in the sun, so ideal in this period are serums and light lotions. Even if you have dry skin, you will find intensely moisturizing products, but with a light texture, which penetrates quickly into the skin and leaves no oily marks. In any case, keep a pack of alcohol-free wet wipes on the desk, with which you can refresh your skin, if you do not wear makeup.


3.     Eye cream. You may tend to skip this step, but don’t! Especially if you slept a little, the alarm woke you up when your sleep was sweeter and your eyes protest with some unpleasant dark circles. Choose a moisturizing eye cream that has an effect on the bags under the eyes and dark circles! It will work wonders!


4.     Tinted SPF face cream. If you are not friends with the foundation in summer and you do not like the idea of ​​a heavy make-up, you can choose a colored cream that also has sun protection. Your skin will look natural, fresh, your pores will not be suffocated and you will not risk sunburn on the way to the office or during your coffee break!


A layer of mascara and a  glossy lipstick or a lip balm and you are ready for a new fresh&glowy day of work!


Facial ritual for a fresh&glowing comeback to the office