What type of sunscrenn suits you

What type of sunscrenn suits you

18 June 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

What kind of sunscreen suits you?



In the lazy season at the beach, the sun can prove to be a two-faced friend. And from his very hot eyes we have to defend ourselves using the right sunscreen!


In the sun, even with skin soaked in cream with a high SPF, you do not stay at the hours when, if you stand, the shade is smaller than your height. You can take the healthiest sunbathing in the early hours of the morning, until 11 AM, and in the afternoon, after 5 PM.


And depending on the skin type and the problems you face, here is the sun protection indicated for you:


  • Very white skin, not tanned at all - Creams or lotions with SPF 50 should not be missing from your beach bag.


  • Skin with many moles and freckles - same as for a very white skin, only that on moles you need to apply the cream more frequently and more abundantly.


  • Skin with psoriasis - psoriasis lesions will be exposed to the sun without protection for 5-10 minutes, daily, no more!


  • Skin with dark spots - SPF 50, mandatory, and anti-spot treatment will be discontinued during the holidays!


  • Very oily / acne prone skin - a non-greasy lotion with SPF 30 as a minimum factor. Be careful, a possible sunburn aggravates acne.


  • Dry, dehydrated skin - It is recommended to use a cream with SPF 30-50, for children.


  • Sunburned skin - Sun exposure will be stopped until the burns have healed. On the beach, even under an umbrella, a high protection cream will be used (SPF 50).



If two or more skin types are valid for you (for example: white - with freckles), choose the protection with the highest factor and the appropriate texture for the skin condition you have.


The sunscreen lotion will be applied half an hour before exposure, then every 2-3 hours and / or after each bath in the sea or in the pool.


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