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Holiday in pandemic

8 June 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

Holiday in pandemic - how can you adapt it to the new reality


Restrictions have relaxed, many countries have opened their borders for tourists, but do not forget that a first step for a carefree vacation is to check the rules of the country you want to travel.


Going on vacation during a pandemic is not (anymore) an impossible task, even though many travel restrictions are still in place.


A rule common to all countries is the negative COVID test. So, keep in mind that wherever you go on vacation, in addition to your passport and health insurance (more recently, COVID insurance, which provides you with compensation in case of illness), you also need a negative test to be able to travel.


However, some countries allow tourists to enter their territory with proof of vaccination or, as the case may be, with proof that you were infected with COVID-19 no more than 180 days ago.


And don’t forget the face mask! By plane, but also by bus, it is mandatory to wear it in most of the most popular holiday destinations.


Beware of quarantine!


If you are going abroad, check that you are entering the country of destination or transit countries without quarantine or that you need to take a test beforehand.


Some countries may require self-isolation, quarantine and contact detection measures for up to 14 days, as well as additional tests for COVID-19, as appropriate, during the same period.


Additional quarantine and testing on or after arrival should be imposed in particular on travelers arriving from a third country where a variant of the virus of concern has been detected.


Under EU rules, passengers have the right to choose between vouchers or cash reimbursement for tickets (by plane, train, bus / coach and ferry) or canceled travel packages.



Can an unwanted global situation that has made us fear for our health and the health of our loved ones have good parts? Yes! Due to the pandemic, we make travel plans with more thoroughness, but also more openness, gathering more details about where we want to go and looking for destinations with more relaxed restrictions and reduced risk of illness, which we may not have thought of until now. Another beneficial effect that should be preserved even after the danger of the virus passes is the respect of the personal space of the one next to us. The 2 meters of distancing kept not out of fear, but out of consideration for the privacy of the one in front of us, in line, at shopping, or of the neighboring family, on the beach. And the pandemic has taught us to always carry in our bag a disinfectant gel that kills viruses and bacteria and that pleasantly perfumes the skin of our hands at any time we need a portion of freshness.


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