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Detox your face

29 October 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

Detox your face

Urban pollution? Detox your face!


About pollution, it has been established that it is, after the sun, the biggest enemy of the skin, because it is attributed to early wrinkles, dullness, age spots. A detoxification treatment can prevent or at least ease these effects.


If you live in the city, it is impossible to avoid harmful car emissions, air conditioning and industrial smog. And, without a proper care, the skin’s defense mechanisms are affected, and this is called oxidative stress.


Thorough cleansing of the skin is essential, so that impurities, dust, sebum, not to mention makeup, are perfectly removed. This way, the skin can breathe and the pores will not be blocked.


Use cleansing lotions, foams, or you can try a cleansing oil to remove makeup, including in the eye area. Based on healing olive oil and having an unique texture that turns the oil into milk, in contact with water, our cleansing oil protects, nourishes and prevents dryness.


You can also use a cleaning brush that turns the make-up removal stage into a moment of real pampering!

Once a week it would be great if you could apply an exfoliating mask with Dead Sea minerals which leaves the skin smooth, velvety and radiant!


Polluted cities have more free radicals in the air. These, together with UV rays, slow down the production of collagen in the skin - thus, wrinkles appear earlier than they should. Foods rich in vitamins A and C (citrus, berries and carrots) and antioxidant supplements work wonders for the skin!


And, very importantly, drink water! The more you moisturize your skin, the stronger it becomes in the face of toxins trying to enter through the natural barrier.


Sleep is one of the secrets of skin that radiates beauty! If during the day the skin struggles to protect itself from radiation, wind, cold, pollution, during sleep it’s time for toxins elimination and regeneration. When we sleep, melatonin affects the skin’s stem cells replacing old cells with new, healthy ones.


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