Aromatherapy Body Scrubs

Aromatherapy in Body Scrubs

15 March 2022 Estimated time: ~1 min.

Aromatherapy in Body Scrubs

Aromatherapy is the science of using essential plant oils for healing or relaxation. Whether inhaled, applied to the skin or administered orally, essential oils are an alternative treatment for infections, stress, depression, dermatological conditions, and other health problems.


To bring extra joy to those who have discovered the wonders of aromatherapy or want to know the benefits of essential oils on their skin, Sabon has created Aromatic Body Scrubs


They do not contain perfume, but are infused with an exclusive blend of two pure essential oils, each with its own aroma and unique effect on mood.


Lavender and Mandarin


These two essential oils are known to provide harmony and balance, soothe the mind, relax the body and ensure a peaceful sleep.


Numerous studies show that the scent of lavender calms the nervous system and has a calming effect in case of anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression or chronic fatigue.


Mandarin essential oil is the great ally of the nervous system with a sedative and relaxing role, excellent in anxiety, stress, fear, worry, sadness.


Geranium and Cistus


The essential oils of Egyptian geranium and cistus from Spain are prized from antiquity for their uplifting aromas that invigorate the body and mind.


Egyptian geranium essential oil balances the mind and emotions, the hormonal system, the lymphatic system, while stimulating the adrenal cortex. It is an invigorating and gentle oil, helpful in relieving the tensions associated with the stress of everyday life.


Cistus essential oil is obtained from a wild rose that has a slight honey-like odor. It stimulates all five senses, having invigorating benefits, and in addition, it is useful for moments of meditation, prayer and in psychotherapy sessions.


Aromatherapy Body Scrubs