New Botanical Waters Mint and Lavender

Botanical waters and why are they so important for your skin

23 May 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

A delicately scented botanical water (Botanical waters) perfectly complements any beauty routine, adapting to the needs of the skin throughout the year. It can be used every day to refresh the skin, to provide extra essential hydration or to fix makeup.


At the same time, botanical water is wonderful after the beach time, when our skin needs hydration and soothing. It is well known that lavender has a calming effect on the skin, due to the sweet and enveloping scent that induces a state of harmony and relaxation.


How to use botanical water


Simply spray it on the skin, just like thermal water, or apply the product on a clean face, using a cotton pad, as you do with a tonic lotion. In the case of botanical water, no rinsing or wiping is required. Enjoy the benefits of plants to the fullest!


Store botanical water in the refrigerator during the summer and use it for refreshment, on hot days, or to soothe the skin! You can also apply it on the body!

For the morning routine, we recommend using the energizing botanical water with mint after the treatment with the 2 in 1 face polisher (Face polishers), to start the day stimulating the mind and body. Then, in the evening, relax your skin under a rain of relaxing botanical water with lavender after exfoliating the face with a 2-in-1 polisher with the same aroma, for an impeccable cleansing, smoothing and moisturizing effect.


Why it is wonderful for the skin!


Botanical water is pure natural water obtained by traditional steam distillation, to preserve the essential qualities of the plants, so it contains 99% ingredients of natural origin and does not contain perfume!

In addition, 100% of the plants used are organically grown, and the product is vegan and natural!


The fragrant botanical waters capture the wonders of natural freshness. They are undiluted, without alcohol and without added perfumes, and offer the skin an extra hydration, plus all the authentic benefits of nature.


Combining the aromatic sensual pleasure with the moisturizing care for all skin types, botanical waters are perfect to change your mood for the better at any time of the day.


Botanical Waters