Royal Passport Rules

Royal Passport Rules

The SABON fidelity card can be given to any person who is a Spanish citizen and over 18 years old.


The SABON fidelity card can be obtained in SABON stores, after filling in the subscription form. In order to receive the card, the owner must entirely fill in and sign the subscription form.

Incomplete forms or forms containing illegible or wrong information will be invalidated. The applicant receives the card immediately after filling in the special form.


Card possession is not conditioned by the purchasing of one or more products from the SABON stores.


Only one card is granted for each applicant.


You have the following advantages:
Promotional prices
Special offers for various events
Any other special offers and contests organized by SABON

The locations where the card holder may beneficiate from discounts and offer are the following:
Barcelona, C/Valencia 260
Barcelona, C/Boters 8
Barcelona, CC Illa Diagonal
Madrid, C/Ayala 25
Bilbao, C/Ercilla 33
Tienda online


When shopping in the SABON stores, the card holder must present the card to the cashier, in order to take advantage of the offers. The barcode and the client code automatically allow the 10% discount and other advantages offered to our faithful customers.

Card holders who haven’t the card with them when shopping cannot take advantage of the above mentioned advantages.


If the card is damaged, you can replace it in the SABON stores. In case of loss or theft, you must pay a fee for issuing a new card. The counterfeiting of this card is punished according to the laws in force.


As issuer, MARMOT COSMETICS SL has the right to discontinue at any time the validity of the SABON “Royal Passport” card. This can be done only after a prior notice of at least 15 business days, which will be published in a visible spot, accessible to all the clients, in all locations.